"Seed saving embodies some of the things I value most........

You are holding some of the best life in your hands." Barbara Kingsolver

Situated in Ottawa's Greenbelt right next to the Mer Bleue Bog. The Greenbelt and the Bog play an important role in the ecosystem. The Greenbelt is a protected green space of land that consists of farms, fields, wetlands (the Bog), and forests. It is home to many species of plants, birds, insects and animals. The entire Greenbelt spreads across Ontario and totals over 2 million acres.

The Mer Bleue bog is one of the second largest in Southern Ontario. Because of its strong and valuable impact on climate, it is the most studied Bog in the world (Peatland Carbon Study).

Organic Certification

Certified Organic farms are inspected and monitored by a “Certification Body”. This guarantees the farm is following the Organic standards. A Certified Inspector visits the farm at certain times during the year. The farm has to provide detailed records such as; products used, seed orders, cleaning methods, amendments, pest management practices, cover crops, yields, plantings, sales, receipts and more! The standard does not allow the use of GMO’s, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, herbicides, fungicides, sewage sludge, chemicals and livestock must only be fed Organic feed. Certification protects the consumer because they know the farmer is being monitored and enforced to following the standards.

Organic Seeds

Supports the investment in Organic Plant breeding. Organic plant breeding maintains genetic diversity as well as agriculture biodiversity which contribute to the success of Organic farmers. The quality of food relies on seed genetics and the quality of seeds has a major impact on food security. The quality of Organic seed and food has an affect on; crop diversity, the crops defense against pests & disease, yields, appearance, quality and flavor.

We support Organic plant breeding and are actively involved in the preservation of heirloom and open pollinated seed. Plant breeding is not the same as GMO. Plant breeding is a method used to improve crops by using artificial selection – selecting seeds from the plants with the most desirable traits such as; longer shelf life, flavor, size, disease resistant, insect resistant etc.

We never use GMO crops in our production in an effort to support Organic plant breeding.

A Bit About GMO's

Consuming Organic, GMO free Food

Choosing non-GMO consumable foods is not always possible and there is currently no evidence that this food is harmful for you. Rest assured, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency tests and monitors food for safety.

What is is GMO?

GMO, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms or GE’s (Genetically Engineered.) GMO foods and seeds are developed using a scientific or lab approach by adding or enhancing beneficial traits or by removing undesirable traits. These traits are created by altering genes or transferring genes from one organism to another and at times from one species’ to another. The crops are considered to be bi-engineered to increase resistance to pests, disease, pesticides and herbicides. An example by making the crops resistant to herbicides, such as round up, allows farmers to spray the crops while they are growing.