When you visit the grocery store you are seeing products from hundreds of suppliers from all over the country.  Almost half of the food there is imported from other countries.  Help stop the carbon footprints of fossil fuels and support your local farmers whenever possible.  Supporting local farmers builds a stronger community, creates more employment, gives more income for farmers keeping your dollar local and most importantly, it is a sustainable food option. 

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Don't forget to bring your bin, bag or box when you come to pick up.

A big thank you to our past members who provided their own bins or bags.  You really helped us reduce the amount of plastic on the farm!! 

Free delivery to Blackburn Hamlet with a minimum order.

Certified Organic Vegetable Share

Please email to inquire for the 2019 season.

 Pasture raised chicken - We only raise pre-ordered chickens.  If you are interested in pasture raised chickens please email us to be put on our list and we will up date you when we are taking orders.

Please email melanie @ ekorootfarm.com for availability.
Turkey - please email us to be put on our list and we will contact you when we are taking orders.

Please email melanie @ ekorootfarm.com for availability.

Eggs - please contact us for availability.  Pick up at the farm by appointment only.

Pick up location.

4777 Ridge Rd

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Missed weeks.  Members are required to give 48 hours notice (2 days) to move up to 2 shares to another time during the season.

Pick up will be at the farm at 4777 Ridge Road Ramsayville on the agreed upon date and time. Free delivery to Blackburn Hamlet.

Payments  If you sign up part way in the season you only pay for the weeks or products you receive.  We cannot guarantee there will be space for later sign up.  Failure to make your payments will result in loss of your share unless you have made other arrangements with us.  Early sign up allows us to plan accordingly so we may plant just enough. It also makes it easier to keep up with the demand of meat and eggs without having to guess.  This system allows no waste and members save by signing up early.

Meat birds are raised in small flocks on pasture and fed grains purchased locally.  We never give medicated feeds and can guarantee your meat will be hormone and antibiotic free.  Our birds are treated with kindness and cleanliness.   Coops are inspected and cleaned daily.  During the warmer months, we allow our birds to roam on pasture during the day where they can flap their wings, stretch, scratch and eat greens, larvae and bugs.  Birds are put inside structures during the night to keep them safe from predators. During the winter, our birds are have access to a 14' x 100' tunnel to roam and are fed kitchen scraps such as; greens, fruits and legumes.

"I want to say that I really enjoy the CSA with your farm. It's great, varied and a pleasure to corroborate with you, a very passionate and enthusiastic person." 2015 CSA Member.

What is CSA  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (also known as Community Shared Agriculture) and is a system where individual(s) purchase a membership, or share, of a farmers harvest at the beginning of the season in return for fresh farm produce on a weekly schedule.  Buying in at the the beginning of the season guarantees your share because the farmer knows how much food to grow and has capital to purchase seeds, equipment, amendments, labor etc.  By supporting Community Supported Agriculture you are not only investing in the farmer but you are also investing in the future of your land, your health and building a stronger community by keeping your dollars local.  Help slow down the carbon footprints of fossil fuels and purchase a few local things here and there because every little bit helps.

Purchasing a membership early allows us, the farmers, to plan our plantings accordingly thus creating less waste and because we harvest less, we also use less refrigeration and do less processing.  In the end, it is an economically sound choice to local food and what could be better than a guarantee of bountiful, in season vegetables in your fridge on a weekly schedule.

CSA is an environmentally cautious choice that supports local farmers which benefits your economy and environment.